Complete plant for cold mixing of tomato product, made of :

- horizontal cylindrical tank, work capacity of 2500 kg, with agitator at shape of double concentric spiral, electronic level, load cells,inspection hatch, automatic shutter with hopper for solids ingredients, valve groups for pumping ingredients (tomato paste, tomato pulp, etc.) and one input for liquid ingredients.

- automatic elevator for load of open small tanks for solid ingredients

- volumetric pump to product transfer mod. WAUKESHA 320-U1 / WRIGHT 3200  (for tomato pulp) or CSF MAN150 (for tomato paste and juice)

- clean in place system (CIP)


The cylindrical tank is mounted on a frame with integrated load cells, this assure a precise dosage of ingredients. The inside surfaces are polished for minimize fouling problems. A special agitator made of two concentrics spirals allow a homogeneus mixing and facilitates the product conveying to the pump. The speed and the direction of rotation are managed to inverters.

The automatic elevator takes the small tanks with solid ingredients and loads them in the tank. The safety is allowed from a system of protections.

A system of valves allows the automation of follows phases :

1) loading of the pipes

2) ingredients calls from recipe

3) downloading and washing of the pipes

4) CIP cycle

An inverter manages a transfer pump, this pump can be utilised to recirculation of product if you use the MIXFOOD for dilute the tomato paste.

Is possible to add to the plant some tanks for the dosing of liquid ingredients like oils or brines.

The electrical board is equipped of PLC and touch screen panel, all parameters are recorded in a memory card or availables on LAN interface.




Production : 8 tons/h

Power supply: 32 kw

Air consumption : 100 NL/h


  • SIZES:


Height machine (H) 4250 mm

Width machine (A) 4060 mm

Length machine (B) 1480 mm



Framework : stainless steel AISI 304

Tanks : stainless steel AISI 316

Bearings : SKF/FAG/KOYO

Motorgears : SEW


Instruments : VEGA/Endress+Hauser

Electrical equipment : SIEMENS

Automation equipment : OMRON/SIEMENS


tomato pulper